Texture 3D Asset

Learn how to texture an asset with Polyhive

Texture a 3D model with Polyhive

POST https://prod.polyhive.ai/api/content/retexture

Through this endpoint, you can texture an asset that has already been uploaded to Polyhive using the Polyhive asset ID.

You need to provide this job info and these job parameters, formatted as a JSON:

job_name (string): The name of the texture job. version_id (string): The ID of the asset obtained from the upload asset endpoint. Received from the file upload endpoint text_prompt (string): The text prompt for the texture generation. seed (int): The seed value for randomization. If set to -1, a random seed value will be generated. negative_prompt (string): The negative text prompt for the texture generation. material_maps (bool): Flag indicating whether to generate normal, metallic, and roughness material maps. preserve_uvs (bool): Flag indicating whether to preserve existing model UV map during texture generation. zy_symmetry (bool): Flag indicating whether to apply ZY symmetry (left same as right) during texture generation.

An example of a request to this endpoint through curl, for texturing an asset with asset_id 4c5dc77f-fd39-4859-a927-431bdba564f4:

curl -X POST -H "x-api-key: <YOUR API KEY>" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{ "job_name": "testjob", "version_id": "4c5dc77f-fd39-4859-a927-431bdba564f4", "text_prompt": "A green t-shirt, cartoon style", "job_params": { "seed": "12335", "negative_prompt": "low quality, bad", "material_maps": "False", "preserve_uvs": "True", "zy_symmetry": "False" } }' https://prod.polyhive.ai/api/content/retexture


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