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An organization represents your team's subscription, members, and content on Polyhive. You can invite other team members to join your organization so that you can collaborate on content.

All the assets you upload to an organization are only accessible by members of the organization through the dashboard and by applications through an API key created by your organization.

Default Organization

When you register an account on Polyhive, a default organization is made for you. You can select which organization is in view using the column on the left hand side of the dashboard:

Managing your Organization

The Organization page allows you to change the name of your organization, as well as view current members and add new members with various permissions to your organization. To view the Organization page, navigate to the Organization section on the sidebar:

This will take you to the Organization page, where you can add new members and manage existing members.

Renaming your organization

To rename your organization, simply click the ✎ button next your organization name at the top of the page and type your new organization name:

The Set Organization Name window will pop up. Type a new name and click the Apply button to save your new organization name.

Member roles

Members in organizations have different roles which carry different levels of access and privilege within the organization. The creator of the organization by default hasadmin privileges, and can invite others to join this organization with various kinds of member privileges.

SectionPrivilegeAdminMember (Read/Upload/Delete)


Download assets from the dashboard


Upload assets to the dashboard


Create folders in the dashboard


Move content into and out of folders


Delete items from the dashboard


Delete folders from the dashboard


View total API calls consumed by the organization


View total storage consumed by the organization


View total bandwidth consumed by the organization

API Keys

Create API Key

API Keys

Delete API Key


View members of the organization


Invite members to the organization


Remove members from the organization

Inviting members to your organization

To invite members to your organization, click the Invite button at the top left of the Members section:

After pressing the Invite button, you will be presented with a window to enter the email of the individual you wish to invite.

After inviting a member to your organization, you will see their invite status as pending in the Organization page. Once they accept their invite, you will see their updated status.

The member that you have invited will an email requesting that they login to the Polyhive platform. They will receive the same email even if they have already signed into the platform. Note: the invited team member has 1 hour to login before the link expires.

By pressing the Log in button in the email, the invitee accepts the invite to the organization and is redirected to the dashboard.

Removing members to your organization

To remove members from your organization, find the X button at the right of the desired row:

This will pull up a confirmation window for removing this member from your organization:

Click the REMOVE MEMBER_EMAIL button to remove this member from your organization.

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