Finding Content Through Search

Search for assets and folders across your organization and within other folders

You can find your assets and folders anywhere on the Polyhive platform through our search bar.

Searching for content

The Polyhive platform enables you to easily find your assets and folders by searching. The dashboard search is universal, enabling you to find assets or folders anywhere in your organization, even hidden deep within subfolders. In this example, we will search for the Avocado.glb asset located in the Food & Beverages folder.

First, navigate to the search bar at the top right corner of the dashboard:

The dashboard makes use of prefix search - that means that we show results that match your query as you type. The search is also case-insensitive, so you can find your files even if your query doesn't perfectly match the file name.

Start typing with the first letter of the asset you are searching for - in this case, we're starting with the letter A:

As you can see, we display the results for all assets and folders starting with the letter A. Our Avocado.glb asset is clearly displayed here.

Let's continue typing to narrow our results. Return to the search bar and type the letter V:

As you can see, the search results have narrowed to only the Avocado.glb asset.

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